About Mintpad

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Mintpad is a Multi-Chain NFT minting platform and launchpad for NFTs . This Dapp helps NFT projects across all chains to mint out easily on our platform . Users are able to find new upcoming mints with scores and socials. As well, MintPad will eliminate the fear of NFT Rugs, with it’s feature KYCed mints. This will give users and projects, security and trust.

Mintpad is powered by Mintpass NFTs a supply of 2500 MintPasses

NFTs coming soon

MintPass NFTs

Mintpass / MintPad holders can refer our launchpad to NFT projects . User will be rewarded with 1% of the reffered projects mint funds. This is one of the top marketing move we use for our launchpad growth.

If a user referred a project which raised 100k$, we will reward 1k$


We only take 3% from the mintpad fee for Team and Development


For our Mintpass NFT holders ,3% from Mintpad fee is given back as royalties


If a project is referred by an NFT/MintPad Holder holder, we reward 1% from our 3% dev share, we only take 2%




Mint Rewards

50% rewards from mint fee, from every blockchain



Whitelisted on featured mints



Members in DAO can vote for featured projects and much more



Mintpass Holders can refer a NFT project to host on our launcpad and earn 1% mint funds as rewar



Mintpass Holder can refer a NFT project to host on our launchpad and earn 1% mint funds as reward



Track your NFTs at one place from different chains all in one place

Tokenomics and

Our Token

MintPad Token will have multiple purposes and brings various utilites for it’s holders already from launch and more coming in the future. Here you can see some of the main utilities for our coin:

  • #Get whitelisted for featured projects
  • #Participate in raffles
  • #Referral rewards
  • #Staking (coming soon)

Our Tokenomics

  • Name: MintPad
  • Chain: BSC
  • Symbol: MINT
  • Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Decimals: 18
  • Taxes: 0% Buy/Sell


Phase 1

MAY - DEC 2022

  • #Idea & Concept
  • #Branding, Landing page, Litepaper...
  • #Back-end development beta stage
  • #Front-end development beta stage
  • #Socials and community building

Phase 2

JAN 2023 – APR 2023 (4 Months)

  • #MintPad contract and audit
  • #Fairlaunch on pinksale
  • #Project Launch
  • #MintPass Mint
  • #DAO smart contracts and audit
  • #Marketing Campaign
  • #New partnerships

Phase 3

MAY 2023 – SEP 2023 (5 Months)

  • #Mint Drops Calendar
  • #Whitepaper with MintChain included
  • #NFT Portfolio
  • #Featured Projects
  • #LaunchPad
  • #KYC & Art Badge

Phase 4

OCT 2023 – OCT 2024 (12 Months)

  • #UI upgrade to V2
  • #New Features
  • #MintChain development
  • #Crowdfunding feature
  • #NFT sniper bot

Presale & Airdrop

Presale End on

Listing CEX at February 15, 2023.

Address Contract 0x5a7Fb1f7731Aa6429cEB0166F845B95C480Fd8c6

Claim 30000 MINT


Min Buy 0.01 BNB = 100,000 MINT

Max Buy 5 BNB = 50,000,000 MINT

BUYGet Ref Link Copy












Community Manager



Social media manager



Twitter Spaces



If the project you are planning to mint holds the KYC badge and the Quality Art Badge you can rest assure that we have vetted the project, and that it's SAFU to mint..

Either by holding a MintPass NFT or by holding certain amount of tokens (described in litepaper).

500,000 tokens is the minimum amount to be able to earn referral bonus of 1%,

As soon we have reached the minimum amount for payout ( decided by the DAO ).

No, when the project owner decides to close the mint, whatever has been minted will be considered as the total mint, and you will receive 1% of that.